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"When She's Gone" - Josh Fudge I Review

This song has the cool casual indie feel of a Dayglow song with a signature refreshing feel only Josh Fudge can bring to his songs, specifically in this new single, “When She’s Gone.”

The layered vocals make listening into an experience as Fudge grabs your ear and takes you on a journey through a past relationship. I’m very impressed with his ability to combine a musical brightness with more melancholic lyrics – a duality that can be hard to accomplish in a catchy song. I also love the contrast between all the instrumentation; the rhythmic bass line combines with the spritely drums to be tied together by synths that seem to move like waves among it all. “When She’s Gone” feels modern in an exciting way and has an adaptability that allows it to be perfect for many occasions (though I would recommend a nice summer sunset drive for this one). It’s just long enough to where I could imagine it going on TikTok for its typical indie sound, but I believe this song has potential beyond a social media platform.

Equally impressive to this song is Fudge’s musical ability at the age of 18. Hailing from Oklahoma City, this singer-songwriter has had his music land on major playlists such as Spotify’s Fresh Finds, Indie Shuffle, and GRUNGECAKE ever since he started releasing music on Spotify just last year. Before this, he began street performing as a way to buy more music equipment that he has now utilized to make great music. He plans to release his debut album in just a few months.

Review by Tatum Jenkins

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