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"When I'm With You" - SODAPOP |Review

Blending the traditional indie pop sound with what I can only describe as tropical chill, SODAPOP brings listeners new single "When I'm With You".

There is something truly infectious about this summer time groove. The guitar is a total ear worm and all of the intricate procussion detail is so fun and completely unique. SODAPOP created this adorable and lyrically simple love song that just makes you want to be with someone that makes you feel bubbly and happy.

On the track: "I spent the last two years living abroad so I could save money and work on music full time. As much as I loved the nomadic lifestyle, I was pretty happy to come home to Cali. With this song, I tried to capture the essence of a Santa Barbara beach, both sonically and lyrically. That’s actually where the idea for the tune was started, when my buddy showed me this little guitar idea he had. It took me a few months to translate that spark into a full song, but I’m quite happy with how it turned out - I think it’s my favorite song I’ve written."

SODAPOP is a new artist based out of Santa Barbara, California. His indie/bedroom pop beats are a signature. Spending the last two years trying to simultaneously travel the world, save money, and write a ton of songs he is left with a filled up passport and roughly -$14 in my bank account. But alas the tunes are ready and listeners are ready with open ears.

Written by Hannah Schneider

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