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“What Lovers Do” - KEV | Review

"KEV’s new track “What Lovers Do” is a dream-pop tune about teen love; that kind of love where you blindly believe that love will conquer all."

This is the head-in-the-clouds and head-over-heels feeling of a new relationship or crush in song from. Wonderfully written, KEV really shows off both skills in the vocal and lyrical department but also in the creation of a fun track that just makes you feel those butterflies of love. Sunshine in a song is another way I would put it. Get your sunglasses and get ready for a spring and summer love song that can get you dancing.

According to KEV, he wants his “new song to function as a reminder to love unconditionally. It’s incredibly scary to put your heart in someone else’s hands. But if you never allow yourself to be vulnerable, if you never put yourself at risk of getting hurt - you’ll regret it” and continues: “So… live a little! Tell someone how you feel. Go risk it all. It might just be worth it.”

A bit about KEV:

“Built on dreamy sounds, bending genres and endless possibilities, KEV is the lyrical and melodic storyteller from the deep, dark forests of Halmstad, Sweden. Three years ago, KEV gathered some of his musician friends to be a part of a free, creative space under the new project KEV - after a past of writing commercial pop and EDM.

Produced by the producers behind Galavant and Jubel, KEV’s debut EP ‘Chapter X’ was launched in France, where a radio tour led to play-listing on major radio stations all across France.

KEV started out his creative journey as an actor, where he found it rewarding to tell the stories of the characters he was playing. When he discovered the multidimensional storytelling of music - everything changed.

‘When you’re acting, you’re usually given a set script. But songwriting is like writing your own script. I enjoy that free process, where there are no real limitations and where literally anything is possible’ Kevin says, and continues: ‘A theatre show is meant to move the audience, to make them feel something. And that’s what I always want my music to do as well. I don’t want to create music that’s cool - I want to create music that moves both the listener and me. I want to create music that makes us all feel something.’”

Review by Hannah Schneider

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