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Waste My Time - Linebeck | Review

Linebeck hits us with their newest single “Waste My Time” and it is definitely not a waste of time! Linebeck is a four piece dreamy power-pop band from Canada and they are incredible! Amazing instrumentation paired with the dreamy vocals of Chrys Teo this band is going to be big.

“Waste My Time” is their third single and was written before the band was even formed. Chrys (vocalist) and Momo (guitarist) used to perform as an acoustic ukulele-guitar duo but they decided that they wanted more from a production standpoint.

The song was inspired by dating in today’s world and all the hesitation that comes along with it. The lyrics speak to the feelings of fear and reservation when in the beginning stages of a relationship which everyone can relate to. Everyone wants to protect themselves instead of getting too invested. It is about wanting open and honest communication before putting your heart on the line. Modern dating is absolutely terrifying and I will be sending this song to the next guy I like to find out what he wants from me.

I can definitely see this song as a montage or end title of a romance movie. The lead actress falling for the hot guy who’s never noticed her and then this song starts playing would hit so hard.

Favorite lyrics include “Hey hey are you gonna waste my time / All your paintings hang in counterfeited frames / I’m no stranger when it comes to dancing with a ghost / hey hey, I don’t need your reasons why / I don’t need forever, need you forever”

Written by Heather Kathryn

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