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“was it something I said?” - asking for a friend | Review

Have you been craving the soft caress of a crooning love song? Asking for a friend has you covered.

Releasing their first single of the new year, asking for a friend duo of Lostboycrow and DYSN’s are back with “was it something I said?” Their newest song is a beautiful masterpiece with a million different layers. Incorporating a wide range of instruments and vocal ranges, each part highlights the array of talent both artists have for instruments and genres. I loved the complexity of all the drums, guitars, and piano as well as the distinctive vocal arrangements.

Opening with an incredible intro that compiles guitar chords on top of drums on top of other guitar chords, the song threw me back to my middle school, early high school listening days. The intro, followed by the lyric “sunrise finds me alone again” and a beautiful harmony strongly, almost creepily, reminded me of the Red Hot Chili Peppers or some other band I used to listen to. I had to do a double-take on it.

Additionally, the fun, energetic soundtrack and vocals hid the impact of that initial lyric. It was until I had written it and looked back to read it that I realized the sad and distressing message in it. I think a lot of the song followed that pattern. It was easy to get lost in the music and certain louder lyrics like that opening line and parts of the chorus. But, getting lost inhibited being able to truly understand and love the wonders that “was it something I said?” had to offer.

We are total suckers for a good love song on Unheard Gems and everyone knows we are major DYSN and Lostboycrow fans. So why wouldn’t we love this track? These guys know how to make a strong song. I love the way this is a love song that feels very modern and raw. There is this idea of wanting to be seen the same as everyone else around you but then of course, when you fall for someone you favor them just a smidge more above the rest. I love how it doesn’t feel cheesy because of this. It isn’t just a song about a pretty girl, although this band has great songs about that too, it is a track that takes you deeper into the story and it feels natural and warm, like a relationship blooming over a bit more time.

I felt like the chorus line “better get used to it”, not just a powerful earworm, exemplified that desire to favor the one you love.

The two started this collaboration back in 2020 and never disappoint. Each song is this melodic masterpiece. They are catchy but not predictable. Toying with indie rock sounds to that of surf pop, these guys know how to make a hook that is catchy and transcends time. They first began releasing as their band in 2020, with their self-titled album in addition to multiple singles. In 2021, asking for a friend released an album of live and rehearsal recordings for nine of their songs.

Separately, Lostboycrow has released two albums (2019 and 2021) and multiple singles. LBC is not only a part of asking for a friend but also the band 1990nowhere with artist Olivver the Kid.

For this part, DYSN began releasing music in 2016 with his EP Wonderland. Following its release, DYSN released another EP Ways to Fall Apart (2019) and his first album Rarities in 2021 along with multiple singles.

Written by Anne Friedman and Hannah Schneider

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