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“Wallet” - Butch Wifey | Review

This is an artist name that made me need to take a listen and I was not disappointed. Butch Wifey creates a beautiful lo-fi rock-pop hybrid with her new single “Wallet”.

Chloe Ponder has captured my heart! From her aesthetic, youthful and charming online personality, to song lyrics that go straight to your heart, this is an artist to keep an eye on. This song honestly feels like a song that the LGBTQ+ community would rally behind on TikTok and I hope beyond hope they do. Wallet is a beautiful and heartfelt song about distance, physically and emotionally, growing between two people. It aims to pinpoint that feeling of trying to make something work in a one-sided relationship and how that can result in a feeling of helplessness

Chloe Ponder, also known as Butch Wifey, is an indie artist from Boise, Idaho. She started writing songs at the age of 15 and released her first single in the summer of 2019. Her lyrics aim to dredge up the uncomfortable feelings associated with queer relationships. She is currently attending Boise State University in pursuit of an environmental studies degree but hopes to make a career out of writing tunes.

Review by Hannah Schneider

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