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‘Wake Me Up’ - Tanner Cherry

A balance of pop and folk-rock that shows an attempt to capture a contrast of moments in life through a contrast of rhythm and melody between verses and chorus.

Twangy and anthemic, this chill fall pop song has the warmth from summer bops but the vibeyness I generally associate with the cooler months. Funny how music fits the seasons. With a bit of a Jack Johnson, Jason Mraz, and a bit of Gavin Degraw, Cherry makes a distinct feel-good sound that everyone will love.

“Using the analogy of waking up in the morning, I wrote this song in a time where I felt like I needed to literally "wake up" to the world and live life to the fullest. The verses use a lot of imagery and illusions and this is contrasted with a big, wild chorus to signify waking up. Beginning with dreaming and ending big and loud, I hoped to capture the feeling felt by all people when they wake up and drive into the day with a fire and vigor to live life to the max.”

Born in Michigan and raised in Nashville, Tanner Cherry grew up loving and playing music. Although he started writing around age 13, his first time ever performing live was not until age 15 at a school coffee house due to shyness. However, he has since played countless shows through college and started recording right after. Cherry has released a single, EP, Christmas EP, and has another upcoming single on the way. With an influence of rock, blues, R&B/Soul, and pop, he blends memorable rhythms with meaningful lyrics in hopes of connecting with every listener.

Review by Hannah Schneider

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