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"Wake Me Up" - Sunday Afternoon |Review

A pulsing percussion mixed with a strong and steady acoustic guitar is the perfect recipe for adventure. “Wake Me Up,” the inspiring new track by family band Sunday Afternoon, hits the ground running; saying goodbye to past anxieties and launching into the future.

This acoustic alternative tune sounds like an uprising of the self— it’s strong, balanced, and robust— all absolute necessities when taking control of your life. The lyrics themselves are about finally deciding to chase your dreams regardless of fear and realizing your own potential, and the sentiment is echoed by the song’s sonically empowering quality. The percussion beats like a racing heart, and the harmonies feel like lofty dreams. In the second verse, we’re introduced to an electric guitar, furthering the excitement and anticipation of the build-up. Its payoff is almost cinematic in a way, like it could be in the scene where the main character realizes dreams actually can come true.

There’s a particular je ne se quois about this song that’s difficult to place, but endlessly fascinating nonetheless. Perhaps it’s the fact that the vocals are reminiscent of the 90s grunge movement, the arrangement is closer to that of the Lumineers, and the electric guitar sounds a bit derived from the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Its sonic complexity and endless list of obvious influences only entice you to listen, again and again, only to make sure you hear absolutely everything it has to offer.

Sunday Afternoon began when Daniel Humphreys and Leon Smith wanted to see if whiskey could be mixed with red wine. After deciding it definitely could not, they wrote a song about it. From then on, it became a tradition to drink and write a song every Sunday. Humphreys, Smith’s nephew, moved to London to officially study music, and graduated into the COVID-19 crisis. With piles of songs already written, duo took the opportunity to record their debut album. The record is set to come out before the conclusion of 2020.

Written by Jess Ward

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