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"Vanishing Love" - DJ Sha Boogz | Review

“Vanishing Love” is the ultimate what I call a new-age R&B song. The laid back melodies and harmonious vocals really make this song fantastic. It reminds me of SZA and Jhené Aiko, I really good mix in my opinion.

On the track Boogz says; “you say you love, but you’re out the door.” Unless you’ve loved only one person your whole life (or none), then I’m pretty positive that everyone has had this happen to them before. This part of one’s life can really hurt and you can hear it in Boogz’s voice.

Unlike other generic R&B songs you hear today, Boogz seems to capture the sense of true love. You can hear it uninterrupted like she’s speaking to the person listening to the song. Very few artists can capture that and then sing it directly to the listener.

DJ Sha Boogz is a native of New Jersey. Boogz draws inspiration from people enjoying life through music, festivals, parties, and helping find inspiration in helping to create experiences via music.

In all, this song was fantastic. A song that emulates how everyone has felt either once or multiple times in their life is true art.

Keep it up, Boogz.

Written by Quincy Williamson

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