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"Valleyheart" - Lostboycrow | Album Review

Lostboycrow (Chris Blair) is a rising star in the world of indie-pop music. His newest release ‘Valleyheart’ was a project years in the making.

This new chapter for LBC really hits home. Shifting away from the more synthetic sounds of his early music, this album features what I can only describe as feel-good beachy indie rock sounds. The album ranges from anthemic tracks you want to blast in the car with your windows down, like “The World’s Always Been Ending”, to soft crooning love songs, like “Oceans and Roads”.

I am completely smitten with this collection of songs. Each track makes me want to create my own falling in love montage with their flirty sound and casual and conversational lyrics. Lostboycrow has done it yet again, another amazing album that I can not get off repeat.

Magic exists in certain places, especially in music. Lostboycrow will transport you to a completely different space and time. From R&B to beach rock, to pop to indie love songs, Crow does it all. And, for fans who just can’t get enough, nothing to fear, check out the bands he is part of 1990n0where and asking for a friend!

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