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‘Upset’ - Lauren Sanderson | Review

‘Upset’ is a vibey song that perfectly captures the adolescent angst.

Sanderson creates a bass-filled space that balances the rough side of life and optimism. Vocally, Sanderson has this amazing raw tone which is paired with open and transparent lyrics. This song shares a message of growth and toys with the concept of vulnerability. Outside this artist might have a hard candy coating but you see her sweet side in her music.

The shining Lauren Sanderson is a rebel with a cause and your newest obsession. After treating us with her first release of the year in "Hotel Room," Sanderson is returning with her new sonic masterpiece "UPSET" off her forthcoming debut album, Midwest Kids Can Make It Big

Lauren has mastered the art of relaying powerful messages and pairing them with melodies you can't get out of your head. Her dominant voice takes charge in this relatable single and as a savant with words, Sanderson shows off her songwriting capabilities with this deeply in-depth track about not getting caught up in the daily news cycle. Get lost in this vibey cruise-track tailor-made for those late-night drives.

"Right now the world is chaotic, confusing, and sometimes I feel so alone," says Lauren. "As easy as it would be to throw my hands in the air and stay upset about it, I'd rather be the best human I can be and inspire the world to keep the light on."

Sanderson has already garnered a massive following and it's easy to understand why as fans latch on to her straightforwardly uplifting and tell-it-like-it-is personality. A poet in her own right and cut from the same cloth as artists like Mac Miller and Lorde, the blazing 23-year-old is unstoppable.

Sanderson's latest release "Hotel Room," premiered on Zane Lowe's Beats 1 Show, garnered attention from notable tastemakers and secured a placement on Spotify's New Music Friday. The Fort Wayne, Indiana native is teaching us all a little something about perseverance, gusto, and drive. Having gone from pretending to be her own manager to booking her first tour and recording music in her bedroom closet to opening for FINNEAS on tour this fall, the DIY mogul is an exemplary case of dedication, passion, and self-assurance.

Sanderson was born to be on stage - but didn't realize it until she delivered a TED Talk at the age of 18. Wise beyond her years, Sanderson dove into the topic of parents supporting adolescents in finding, accepting and embracing their true selves -just as the LGBTQ artist herself was maneuvering her own journey. It was the feeling she had after getting off that stage that sparked her drive to pursue music.

Sanderson's journey to finding herself was propelled further when a label deal tried to strip her of her artistry. Once she shed the confines and limitations of the deal, Lauren was able to tell her story the way she wanted. Now she's here with a fiery passion and an album that wholeheartedly captures who Lauren is.

Review by Hannah Schneider

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