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"Unless" - Haiden | Review

That time of year is coming once again— time to dance the night away under twinkling string lights until the sun begins to rise. The soundtrack for the night? “Unless” by Haiden, the infectious indie pop song that makes you want to drive down the road with all the windows down, singing your heart out with the people you love most.

Upbeat and carefree, this bouncing melody plays over a lush noodling classic guitar and catchy club beat; a beautiful homage to Haiden’s Latin heritage. It exudes authenticity and character as over the course of it’s 3-minute and 30-second run, with every pulse beat getting you excited to listen to the next. It builds sonic tension as it progresses, releasing with every chorus into a state of euphoria. This song radiates summer energy from start to finish, and is sure to be a blasted anthem the whole season through.

Lyrically, this song is a one-sided conversation with a totally unreliable narrator. The story only highlights the narrator’s perspective without taking the ex’s side into account, leaving us wondering what actually happened. All we know for sure though, is that the narrator claims over and over that they don’t care, but they so clearly do. In my mind, I like to imagine the ex genuinely doesn’t care, which fuels this narrator’s need for validation and such intense emotions, but this song is meant to be interpreted by you. It’s a high-energy, high drama experience— perfect for the summertime.

Haiden is native to California, but without one single city to call home, as he moved across nearly twenty different communities within the state. At 17, he began his work in the entertainment industry as a fashion model. He studied aerospace engineering at the University of Southern California until his creative tendencies got the better of him, resulting in his transfer to Thornton School of Music at USC where he studied Music Business. That brings him to today, where he works as a solo artist writing and recording, making his mark on the indie pop scene, and he is only just beginning.

Written by Jess Ward

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