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"Ultraviolet" - Rachel Bochner | Review

The official definition of ultraviolet is; “situated beyond the visible spectrum at its violet end.”

In “Ultraviolet” Rachel Bocher says; “Even in the dark of things I can see you a little bit clearer.” Isn’t the definition and that line in the song pretty similar?

I would say so.

“Ultraviolet” is a fantastic song with a great harmonious riff. Bocher uses her voice to almost carry you to where she is and how she is feeling emotionally. This track uses lots of imagery. Imagine two people on either side of an ominous darkness, but when looking at each other they are both clearly spotlighted.

Almost like ultraviolet right?

Look at that!

Once again, another up and coming artist and track that really impressed me. This could easily be next to an Ellie Golding song on a top 40 radio station or streaming service.

Rachel Bocher is an independent artist from the great city of New York. Some of Rachel’s influences range from Maggie Rogers to Lorde. From an A&R record label internship where she realized her passion for music to now creating, writing, and performing her own music, she really has started her career off well.

I really enjoyed this song. Like I said a couple of reviews ago, this too was a great song to start the reviewing year off.

Written by Quincy Williamson

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