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"Tulips" - Kai Bosch | Review

“Tulips” by Kai Bosch is an emotive, catchy alternative pop song that reflects on a fruitless relationship with not much more life.

Produced alongside Charlie Andrew, member of the very successful and respected indie rock band alt-J, “Tulips” is well-crafted and cohesive. It builds upon itself quite nicely: a foundational bass line and consistent drums keep the pulse of the song balanced but Bosch finds perfect pockets for additional sonic elements like vocal distortion, warped guitar or synth, or other subtle instrumental changes. It is a very dynamic and ambiatic song, incorporating small, undisruptive details that help it flow.

The lyrics are meaningful but digestible, using tulips as a symbol of the narrators’ affectation towards their partner. If a flower is wilting (or even if it is still alive), one could preserve its beauty by pressing it, which is drying and flattening the flower. Although the narrator no longer benefits or gains anything from their relationship, they still want to safeguard the memories when they need it. The lyrics and production value of “Tulips” by Kai Bosch make the listening experience digestible, interesting, and more enjoyable with each listen.

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