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"Trust Issues" - Spencer William | Review

We all reach a breaking point where you have had enough heartache so you just need a break for a while. Spencer William captures this in his newest single "Trust Issues".

I love the simple take on electro pop that William takes with this track. Synthy and sharp the track flows and highlights the vocals in such a pleasing way. I particularly like were it has the skip sounds like your voice catching in your throat trying to communicate the uncommunicatable. ‘Trust Issues’ is about the pain of being lied to by someone close, and the fear that opening up to new people will only bring more hurt. It describes the struggle of deciding whether to let painful experiences harden your defenses, or to believe that vulnerability is the path to healing.

Spencer William is a songwriter/producer-turned-artist whose music sounds like shouting your worst fears off a mountaintop through a vocoder.

Like the lovechild of Sam Smith and Jon Bellion, Spencer crafts raucously insecure left-of-center pop that’s simultaneously introspective and tongue-in-cheek. He is unafraid to delve into the difficult emotions that everybody experiences, letting his haunting voice soar over glittering synthetic soundscapes with a razor edge.

Spencer began writing and producing in late 2014 and studied at Berklee College of Music under legends like Kara DioGuardi (Christina Aguilera, Kelly Clarkson, P!nk) and Bonnie Hayes (Bonnie Raitt).

After Berklee, Spencer dove headfirst into the New York music scene, writing and producing for artists including Jessie Chambers, Lyon Hart, and Emily Terran. He is currently releasing music from his debut EP.

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