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“Trigger” - NIIVA | Review

Feeling dangerous? NIIVA’s new electro pop song “Trigger” is for you.

NIIVA takes you through the emotions of an ultimate revenge story with a killer beat full of bass. Her vocals are effortless, as if she’s genuinely talking to someone and warning them not to mess with her. This song highlights its message using eerie production sounds that remind me of Ansel Elgort’s “Thief.” NIIVA’s layered vocalization and harmonization adds a lovely depth to the song and showcases her skill as a singer. Her lyrics really drive home her anger and uncontrollable response to the trigger of that anger as she sings, “I’m not responsible for what I say or do to you.”

NIIVA is a Canadian based singer/songwriter who grew up in England. She is known for creating songs that combine relatable stories and a conversational flow with modern pop sounds. Her recent release “Love Games” details her own addiction to love, and has reached over 189,000 streams on Spotify in the short span of four months.

Written by Annika Johnson, edited by Hannah Schneider

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