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"Tired, All The Time” - Gushh | Review

If you’re searching for a dream pop track with minimal lyrics and skillful production, Gussh has got you covered with “Tired, All The Time.”

Finding inspiration from shoegaze essentials like Slowdive while sounding creative and fresh, Richard Stockley’s solo project transports the listeners to the seaside through the smooth sounds of bubbles and layered guitar chords. It’s not difficult to imagine people running along the shore with their surfboards and palm trees swaying in the distance while this tune plays on repeat.

With a title like “Tired, All The Time,” somebody might assume that Gussh’s song captures the exhausted feelings associated with burnout. Listeners would be surprised to find that Richard Stockley’s dream pop track offers a relaxing, yet liberating atmosphere that prevents this fatigue from taking full effect.

“Tired, All The Time” truly works its magic by playing the last sounds of the summer before the season transitions completely into autumn.

Review by Lauren Peterson

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