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“Tipsy” - EKKO | Review

“Tipsy” by EKKO is an electro-pop commercial song that sounds like pure summer. I can just imagine blasting this song in the car with my best friends, windows down and our hair wildly blowing in the wind, while we dance the whole car ride to the beach.

EKKO brings this song to life with her breathy vocals and vibrant, dancy beat. Her production is astounding. The upbeat synth-scapes add to the care-free summer vibe that is so addicting to listen to. “Tipsy is about making someone else feel better about themselves, by sipping on summer vibes and living in the moment,” said EKKO. Her colorful music video mirrors the warm, joyful message of the song.

EKKO is a Norwegian-native singer, songwriter, and producer, also known as Rebekka Danielson. She lists Grimes, Tove Lo, Røyksopp as some influences behind her high energy beats.

Her writing began from a teenage love of poetry and inspired her to move to the Uk to pursue her passion for music and production at Falmouth University. Being chosen as Urørt’s artist of the week ensured Norwegian radio play and press coverage after her degree. She has been able to learn from the best. In 2018 she co-produced “Lose Myself in You” with producer and DJ Myxe which reached over 1 million streams on Spotify in just a few months. Dedicated to her craft, she also attended a new songwriter and production program led by industry professionalss such as Erik Hermansen in 2019. Her cover of the hit “Dance Monkey” with Skyline reached 8 million streams and counting on Spotify.



Written by Annika Johnson, edited by Hannah Schneider

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