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“Thnk u” - Frogi | Review

Thnk u is a beautiful song layered with harmonies and heartbreak.

This song makes me tear up everytime I hear it. The repetitive nature of heartbreak is beautifully captured in frogi’s sweet vocals. The song is pure and shows so much promise for this artist. Frogi shows her incredible knack for storytelling and vulnerability. I think we can all thnk someone in our lives.

"thnk u," is a 'come to peace' realization that the shitty things that happen in life situate us for the better. she says, "thank you, for fucking me up, cause it wasn't for you I wouldn't have to fight to get back up."

Innovative writer, singer, and producer frogi is set to release her introvert EP this month. The L.A.-based artist made her introduction with her eye-opening tracks "moonlight," "peace of mind," and "time" -- which garnered the attention of numerous tastemakers, from Dummy to Spotify's Fresh Finds. frogi set the bar high, and her forthcoming introvert EP exceeds all expectations.

frogi's introvert EP takes her artistry to the next level. Her unparalleled knack for words is propelled further in new singles "sunrise" and "thnk u." frogi's signature sound of layered vocals with sparse percussion tastefully sprinkled in and introspective lyrics make for a blissful, cathartic listening experience. Ethereal vocals entrance you into a dream-like state.

On the EP frogi explains, "introvert has been two and half years in the making. I started the frogi project not knowing what it was going to become. I was just looking for an outlet and a way to express my feelings. It was a musical diary at first. Then it grew into this whole world I created. I'm so grateful for the entire process. It was really authentic and came from a place of catharsis rather than starting out with an objective or a goal in mind. I think that made me much less careful about the way the songs turned out, how long or short they were, or the lyrics I chose. I felt limitless writing this EP. The song "thnk u" was the first song I ever wrote for the project. I didn't know it at the time, but it was the song that started this whole adventure. It's a reflective song about the person or people in my life that have really challenged me or hurt me, and how it's molded me into a stronger, wiser, all around better person."

In her own words frogi says, "I grew up outside of Chicago and moved to LA when I was 19, I sang and wrote songs with my two sisters growing up, I've been writing poems since I knew how to write and been singing since I knew how to speak. I lost someone very close to me when I was nineteen, and after that all I could do was write songs all the time. It was the only thing (besides my dog) that got me through it. I started out in an indie rock band called "After Arrows," then went solo and went to UCLA extension to learn how to produce, then worked with an old time songwriter named Ned who used to write for the Monkees and the Archies in the 70s (he taught me a lot about the writing process, not taking myself too seriously, and gave me access to his studio so I would spend almost every day there writing and producing - forever grateful to Neddy) and now I'm doing sessions all over and writing for different people/projects."

Review by Hannah Schneider

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