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This Place - Mae Krell | Review

Mae Krell releases her fourth single ‘this place’ from her debut album which will be out April 2024!

Mae was born and raised in the heart of New York City. Mae Krell has always felt a disconnect from the way the media portrays the common experiences that come with growing up. ‘this place’ was born from a moment of experiences that normalcy Mae missed out on, written directly after attending her girlfriend’s sister’s high school graduation earlier this year. Mae finds herself continuing to invite us into the world of her highly vulnerable coming of age story with emotional and searching lyricism backed by guitar-led indie folk instrumentals.

Upon listening to ‘this place’ for the first time, I knew I wanted to write about it because it reminded me a lot of my own life. Lyrics that continue to stick with me are “I come from nobody’s hometown / you all say I turned out fine / but I’m still searching for what you all came to find / every corner is a story I begged my mind to erase / if I let myself I’ll spend forever trying to love this place.”

This song is so beautiful but also a bit heartbreaking, honest and uncomfortable. I cannot wait to hear Mae’s new album because I love songs like ‘this place’ and I’m excited to see what else she’s going to give us!

Written by Heather Kathryn

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