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“This Isn't How It Was Supposed To Go” - NOA |Review

“This Isn't How It Was Supposed To Go” is a dreamy, heart-wrenching song that you can’t stop listening to. About her newest single, NOA says: “It always takes time to come to terms with how a relationship played out and naturally it can be hard to accept. “This Isn't How It Was Supposed To Go” from second EP, Hurting, was inspired by the process of healing when getting over a breakup. This nostalgic track reminisces on the past and how things didn’t end up the way she thought they would.”

Opening with a calm, slow piano, “This Isn't How It Was Supposed To Go” evokes a dreamy, ethereal sensation. NOA vocals are beautifully delicate, light, and airy. Like the piano, her singing with her intonation and emphasis creates a serene atmosphere. Her emotions come across as sad and wistful: an emotional state that fits the tranquil environment her song has generated.

Next, NOA’s chorus begins. Drums join the soundtrack, emphasizing the story she tells. The drums also are the impetus for the track’s increase in volume and pace. With the increase, anger and frustration come through her singing. One of her lyrics is backed up by a jarring robotic voice, echoing what she sings.

Even with the increase in energy, “This Isn't How It Was Supposed To Go” keeps its calm, centering spirit. After the chorus, the song reverts somewhat back to its initial pacing but not fully. The song’s energy allows for it to access a wide variety of listeners in moods. It’s a song one can dance to, but it’s also a song one could cry to.

NOA’s lyrics are full of catchy lines and melodies like “gotta let go of these thoughts” and “I just need to replace you.” These earworms stick with listeners long after the song ends and are one of the reasons it is perfect to dance to. Her lyrics invoke a sense of storytelling, telling an incredibly relatable story, which connects even more with the listener.

“This Isn't How It Was Supposed To Go” ends after the last chorus. The loud energy and drums slowly dissipate as she sings the final chorus lyric: “this isn’t how it was supposed to go.” Then, against the backdrop of her quiet, calm soundtrack, NOA repeats the same line, conveying a sense of anguish.

NOA’s newest single, “This Isn't How It Was Supposed To Go,” is a masterpiece to behold. I fell in love before the end of my first listen, and I wouldn’t be surprised if listeners did too.

NOA is a Dutch, Toronto-born pop and R&B singer-songwriter. Her songs revolve around emotional themes such as relationships, female empowerment, and self-realization. She released her first single, “Casual,” in 2018 and her first EP, Honeymoon, in 2021. NOA also appeared on CTV’s The Launch’s second season, working with Ryan Tedder (One Republic) and Scott Borchetta (Big Machine Records). In addition to being featured in many magazines, NOA’s appeared on SIRIUS XM and Global News “The Morning Show.” NOA’s songs have made it into many Spotify playlists and topping charts. She has over 3 million career streams worldwide and averages 100,000 listeners across platforms monthly. NOA is an incredibly gifted artist to watch.


n by Anne Friedman

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