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“THESE SHEETS” - Avara | Review

Avara made me want to stay in “THESE SHEETS” with her latest single.

She is an R&B/ Soul Indian- American artist and producer from Atlanta, now based in LA. Her dream-like sensual beats make a perfect mix with her angelic voice. She integrates her Indian culture with western background perfectly. This song explains the feeling of still wanting someone although you contemplate their motives behind your relationship with them.

Avara’s perfectly sonic sound easily sets you into this record. This song pushes and pulls you away with her gorgeous runs throughout the song. In the end of the record, this deeper set beat pulls you down to really get into the nitty gritty of it. It explains the irresistible desire to be with said person. It truly feels like she is pulling you closer whispering into your ear how she feels. All you want to do when you hear this is give in. I can definitely say I was all in from the start of this song. Can’t wait to hear more from this upcoming and unforgettable artist.

Written by Joselyng


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