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The World Is Mine by Samm Henshaw Video and Song Review

English artist Samm Henshaw has just released his new single and accompanying video, The World Is Mine. The song has a modern jazz-pop blend; Henshaw’s familiar sound refreshingly reinvented with each new single. It seems to pull influence from many different genres and decades, making me feel as if I’ve listened to it before, but it has an undeniable modern twist combined with Henshaw’s strong, warm vocals. By the second time I listened to the song, I was already tapping along to the beat and singing the chorus, proving its groove and appeal.

The music video that goes along with it is equally entertaining and artful. It follows a fashionably dressed couple bringing a kidnapped Henshaw with them as they frolic and dance in different locations (a restaurant, a loft-like space, etc.). They’re also building a miniature version of their town throughout the entire video, allowing for seamless transitions when the camera puts them inside and out of the miniature for different sequences. The video is colorful and intriguing, adding to the already enjoyable song.

Written by Tatum Jenkins

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