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The Symptoms of Vanity - nodisco | Review

Following the release of his recent single “In Bloom” nodisco (Chris Toufexis) is back with a new hit single “The Symptoms of Vanity”. This is the first single from his upcoming EP called “A Long Talk at Taylors” based on a conversation at a house party in 2021. The EP is said to feature indie rock, hyper pop & more!

I heard two seconds of this song and fell in love with the overall vibe. Without even listening to the lyrics it just makes me want to jump around and party with my friends. After taking a deeper listen to what was actually being said this song is a breakup song but in a funny way. He’s realizing that the person he likes is really conceited and wouldn’t even care if he died (as mentioned in the bridge) because all they do is talk about themself.

The vocals, melody and lyrics are just so fun and relatable. I feel like everyone has been on a date or had a conversation with a person that only talks about themselves and never asks you a single thing. This song shines a light to that, unfortunately some people really do think that everything is about them but just sing them this song and maybe they change?

Some lyrics that stick out to me are “I’m starting to think that we do things too differently” “I’ve gotta do better than you, for me” “You’re all about you, and all of the things that you do” “By July I realized you couldn’t care if I died”

I personally will be singing this song anytime I meet someone who only talks about themself as well as blasting it with my windows down on the 110 in LA! Can’t wait for the rest of the EP.

Written by Heather Kathryn

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