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The Soul of Sound: ANNA “The One That Got Away.” | Review

Her voice portrays an edgy and raw reflection of emotions in relationships. Her lyrics are so visual you can imagine what she’s been through. Many of her captivating songs are written and recorded in her small room in Amsterdam. Words bittersweet in meaning and honest in feeling, the producer, musician and songwriter, ANNA is 24 years old.

“The One That Got Away,” paints a picture of how displaced she feels and wants to get away. With exploding vocals, she sings, “Just one of those things I was so worried about/But now I don’t care/I swear I just want to get out.” Like most songwriters, songwriting is a way of releasing negative energy. In the same coherent and concise way, Anna replaces negative energy with music sending positive waves of energy into the universe.

Writing about being human is how great songs evolve. Abundant and colorful victories would make music mundane, whereas sudden, sad and beautiful stories make up Anna’s musical brain. Anna states in her biography that her songs come from a heavy heart, a deep, dark almost desperate place. She relates to the world with the sound of her soul and within her sound, she creates songs worth listening to.

Anna doesn’t write typical love songs, instead, she writes about the sometimes, difficult times of hardship, family bonds and burnouts in life. “The One That Got Away,” is out on all music platforms on June 28th. If you’re searching for impacting new music written in a beautiful way, listen to ANNA, you might be surprised.

Written by Shayne Holzman

Edited by Hannah Schneider

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