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"The Ropes"- Quiet Domino |Review

Updated: Feb 12, 2019

"The Ropes" is the fourth and final track release for Quiet Domino’s 2018 ‘QDTV Color Test singles series. The song incorporates the use of psychedelic influence that smothers the listener in mind-numbing up-tempo sequence. You won’t get lost in a dream listening to “The Ropes," but rather feel as though you’re free falling towards a dark dance club in underground Europe. “The Ropes” is perfect for night time listening, and it's vocals sound as though they mimic the voice of a robot from the 80s. I thoroughly enjoy how this song takes me somewhere. I picture myself in a dark club, unable to see; my only saving grace is this brilliant track and my fellow ravers dancing in harmony.

A bit about Quiet Domino:A bit about Quiet Domino:

"Quiet Domino was founded in 2017 as the indietronica/synth pop moniker of San Francisco-based musician, producer, and vocalist Mark Nelsen."

See Quiet Domino!

Pretty, Handsome / Quiet Domino / Terabyte / Parting / @ Syzygy (132 Turk St), San Francisco, Friday Feb 15th, 7pm. FB event page: If you live in the Bay, you are invited!

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Written by Gregory Gagliardi

Edited by Hannah Schneider

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