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“The Night Sky” - EIGHTY NINETY | Review

Need a new love song to blast as you drive? Eighty Ninety’s newest single, “The Night Sky,” from their EP also titled The Night Sky has you covered.

A quintessential Eighty Ninety track, “The Night Sky” combines captivating metaphors and beautiful imagery to tell a story. It’s about falling in love and how one views their future and the world at that moment.

The soundtrack and instrumentation in “The Night Sky” make it a perfect driving indie-pop song. The guitar chords and drums create a low-key yet energetic background to Eighty Ninety’s ethereal vocals and lyrics. Add in the echo in the chorus, and I can perfectly picture driving through the night with the windows down. The world is asleep, with the only noise being “The Night Sky” coming from the car. It’s an extremely romantic vision born out of a romantic song.

“This song is about seeing the universe and your future in the face of the person you love — and how when you're in love, all three of those things can feel pretty much the same,” Eighty Ninety says.

For Eighty Ninety, the night sky, aptly so, is the metaphor that shapes that feeling. The night sky represents a constant comfort that anyone can look to and find, as the protagonist is told by their partner: “count the stars whenever you are lonely.” The night sky provides company and support, so you are never alone. As Eighty Ninety continues, the night sky becomes the one they love: “Oh, your face, it was the night sky.” The face of the person they love becomes what they turn to when they feel lost and alone.

Thus, their universe, future, and person they love are all the same. It’s a beautiful idea while also scary.

Brooklyn-based brothers Abner and Harper James are the voice and instruments behind Eighty Ninety. Abner sings while Harper plays the guitar, with both brothers partaking in the production of each song. Debuting in 2016 with their single “Three Thirty,” Eighty Ninety released their first EP Elizabeth later that year. “Three Thirty” reached #2 on Spotify’s Global Viral Chart when released. Their single “Your Favorite Thing” from 2017 would later be added by Taylor Swift to her official Spotify playlist Songs Taylor Loves. Eighty Ninety have songs featured on Spotify’s New Music Friday and other playlists (Chill Pop, Soda, and more). The brothers call Eighty Ninety’s style “808s and telecasters.” It's a style that combines “storytelling, sticky melodies, and minimalistic pop productions.” Their newest EP The Night Sky explores love, choices, friendship, heartbreak, hope, memories, and dreams.

Written by Anne Friedman

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