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"The Goddess" - Zoë Moss |Review

Zoë Moss brings listeners gothic electro-pop track "The Goddess".

"The Goddess" is the fourth track from her EP Stories. The Brooklyn-based singer / songwriter has released three tracks from her forthcoming debut EP.

In regards to the track -"'The Goddess" is an ode to the divine feminine. It’s an experimental chamber pop record, with dark sensuality. This song is about curiosity in all its forms, being playful and living in the moment."

On being pansexual: "I’ve always known I was pansexual, but never felt the need to seek out a label for myself until I googled the term in high school and thought “Huh. That’s exactly it.” In my life, I’ve fallen in love with three people. Two men and one woman. My mindset has always been a person is a person and a soul is a soul no matter how they present to the world. I was fortunate to be raised in a progressive household, where my two sisters (who also identify as queer) and I were given the freedom to love whomever we loved. And so that is exactly what I’ve done, and the mantra I hope people take away from my music."

For lovers of Mothica you might find resonance with Zoë. Mothica's new album hit #1 iTunes pop, #3 on iTunes general, NMF and Moss was the CO-Writer on two of the tracks on the Blue Hour including the title track. Additionally, she is a featured artist on the record Just Like You with Stone Van Brooken on Cardio and Mint Canada, and has an upcoming feature with Two DB on Loud Memory/Sony. Riot Magazine interviewed Moss on her latest single The Jackal. Her playlist reach is currently at 1.6 million.

Under her own record label, She’s No Good, Moss is set to release Stories, a collection of four songs that gives the listener an intimate look into what it’s like as a 20-something musician by day and wandering free spirit by night.

In 2011, six weeks after moving to New York for school, Zoë got hit by a cab. For Moss, that was when life truly began. 

The following years were a blur - partially due to the concussion. And, partially because of Moss’s newfound relationship with the underbelly of New York’s artistic society. She then entered an experimental period, combining the production styles of hip hop and pop music with the melodic and lyrical style of her indie rock roots. Subsequently, Moss found her sound: a blend of Brooklyn warehouse grunge and pop songwriting sensibilities.

“New York City – more than anything - inspires the way I make music; I love embracing the grittier sides of the city in my music. I feel like it parallels my personality. There’s a side to New York that is social and dynamic. But then there is an underbelly that will devour you if you're not careful,” says Moss.

In 2014, while studying at the Clive Davis Institute at NYU, Moss landed her first major label placement - a folk/pop jam called “Sinner” for Andy Grammer, encapsulating Moss’s wholesome personality and traditional values.

In 2015, Zoë was hospitalized for an Adderall overdose and was accidentally committed to a mental ward for several hours, the whole time swearing she didn’t do it-whatever “it” was.

Since then, Zoë has worked on cuts for Grace VanderWaal (Vocal Prod, Columbia), Brooks (Universal), Mothica (Kobalt), and Jordyn Jones (Create) and has participated in sessions with Larzz Principato, Ido Zmishlany, Andy Seltzer, Scott Harris, SoFly and Nius, Mike Campbell, The Xi/The Eleven, and Daytrip.

Review by Hannah Schneider

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