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The First Time I See You Again by Sophia Lanuza

In Sophia Lanuza’s words, “Reality is cruel, imagination is crueler!”

Through beautiful storytelling, ‘The First Time I See You Again’ describes how Sophia imagines seeing her ex-boyfriend for the first anxieties surrounding a recent breakup, and the fear behind seeing that person for the first time in a new context; “But I'll look up and I can't breathe / There on the curb where you kissed my cheek / You take her hand and forget me / The first time I see you again.” The soft acoustic production behind this song allows the lyrical component to be front and center, and rightfully so.

Sophia is based in LA, and has released a few other singles, such as ‘Borrowed’ and ‘Optimist.’ Her sound ranges from stripped-back acoustic pieces like ‘The First Time I See You Again’ to upbeat synth-pop numbers- she has something for everyone! In comparison to other artists, Sophia’s style is similar to that of Lizzy McAlpine and Grace Enger. She provides beautiful vocals and an interesting perspective on this popular style of music. Be sure to give her a listen!

Written By: Julia Brennan

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