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"The Edge" - ERA

The Edge is the debut single of ERA, a song that has been a work in progress for the past few years. It deals with the fascination with the gray areas of existence - between life and death, between safety and danger. It is an ode to those who live life on the edge.

ERA's vocals are smooth and soulful. The track slow and builds beautifully. Lyrically stunning and the production compliments the vocals wonderfully.

Up and coming singer-songwriter ERA grew up between Toronto and Tel Aviv. Growing up, she was heavily influenced by music and the worldwide pop scene. She comes from a fine arts background - and mainly works in the fields of video and performance art.

During her studies in art school, she began experimenting with music and video and has begun to explore new ways of connecting fine arts with pop music. The upcoming first single, The Edge, is the result of this new exploration. Dealing with intense subject matter in an accessible way - ERA lures listeners into her world with her distinguishable voice.

ERA is not just a singer, she is a multimedia artist who thrives to create worlds that mix visual and sound medias for a complete experience.

Review by Hannah Schneider

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