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"That Girl" - Khamari | Review

A smooth guitar suddenly fills my speakers, finding its rhythm once Khamari supplies his strong, clear vocals in his new song, “That Girl.”

As summer begins to fade away, this song harks back to the bliss-filled days of a summer fling, when for a few months you can believe a person is yours. The song itself sounds like a fading sunset, both warm and fuzzy with an undeniable vibrancy that keeps you coming back every night to watch it. Khamari blends a satisfying smoothness with a pop feel to keep the listener entertained, and in two and a half minutes, he manages to deliver an unforgettable song, a song that feels unlike anything I’ve been exposed to in a while. There’s an emotional and sonic depth established in this single with the tight, soft harmonies following his main vocals like a warm shadow. I love how easy it is to listen to this song; there’s no forcing yourself to take anything in because it’s so familiar, yet new in a way that satisfies the parts of us that only enjoy what we’re already comfortable with. I personally can’t wait to get all my friends hooked on this new release from Khamari.

Well-known music publications, such as Ones to Watch and Before the Data, are recognizing his amazing abilities, informing readers of this bright new addition to this generation of talented musicians. Hailing from Dorchester, MA, Khamari is a singer-songwriter and producer. His music has landed on popular playlists like Spotify’s New Music Friday and Apple Music FEELS. He plans to release his debut EP, Eldorado, on October 23.

Review by Tatum Jenkins

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