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"Test the Water" - Co-Stanza |Review

Summer just got a lot cooler with this new single from Co-Stanza. “Test the Water” is a fun, groovy tune that is a natural shoe-in for your summertime playlist.

“Test the Water” is about embracing the unknown and simply going with the flow and, I must say, it truly encapsulates the carefree spirit of the sunny season. It’s one that could easily be played over an indie film montage of summer adventures.

This song echoes an impressive range of influences, making it a refreshing and unique listen that is sure to stand out. The punchy guitar is reminiscent of Norwegian bedroom pop sensation Boy Pablo, and sets the stage for the laid-back soundtrack to your next pool party. His vocals have “hip-hop attitudes with the hookiness of pop singers,” as described by the artist, but I couldn’t have said it any better myself. It’s a perfect blend of influences that work together to create its own niche within the bedroom pop subgenre. The hook is as catchy as a chart-topping pop song, with a hip-hop break in place of a bridge – there is no reason to not love this song, no matter what genres you listen to.

Co-Stanza is the bedroom pop project of Jack Costanza, coming at you from the suburbs of West Chicago. His objective with music is simple: to get the listener feeling their best and out of their seat. “Test the Water” is his follow-up single to “I Don’t Mind,” which earned over 125,000 Spotify streams in just 75 days. Nearly 15,000 monthly Spotify listeners have come to love Co-Stanza for the way he keeps it simple and happy

Written by Jess Ward, Edited by Tatum Jenkins

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