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“Tear the Page” - Justin Chase | Review

Justin Chase has released his 4th single, “Tear the Page” and it’s making me really miss my old Tumblr page that had Owl City songs (not on autoplay don’t worry) on it. ‘Tear the Page” is an electro-pop song that speaks on self-reflection and finding more about yourself.

The lyrics are emotive and make you feel as though you are in the process with him. You can tell this song was created with care; it was written, recorded, and mixed by Chase. Give him all of your streams and be sure to give Justin a follow on his social media.

About Justin Chase:

Justin Chase is an American singer-songwriter and music producer from Knoxville, Tennessee

Chase first began experimenting with music as early as age five and began producing music at age twelve. In May of 2019, after several years of producing under an alias, Justin released a debut single titled ' Crane', an experimental electronic ballad that received positive reception upon it's release.

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