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Tana- “Kiss Me Like We’re Gonna Die” | Review

Longing for someone after a breakup is almost inevitable. Kiss Me Like We’re Gonna Die by Tana is a heartbreaking pop ballad about a past lover. The only thing that can heal a broken heart is a kiss from that love. With the melancholy piano and the low and dark tone by Tana, this song will make you reminisce about an old partner. She wrote this song during a hard moment in her relationship, and you can hear that in her passionate voice. “Your love keeps me running, it keeps me alive, so kiss me like we’re gonna die” cuts deep into the heart; it’s a powerful lyric. As cinematic as it sounds, I can see this song being played as two lovers slow dance the night away before saying goodbye forever with one last kiss. It has a sense of closure, though the feelings linger even beyond. Tana encompasses all the confusing thoughts and torn feelings about losing someone romantically close to your heart. Truly a beautiful song.

Singer-songwriter Tana, based in London, has a unique voice from Italian and Nigerian roots. Influenced by the diverse and rich gay culture, she has been honored for her music by Gay Times and even played at the UK Black Pride 2022 in front of 25,000 people. In addition to performing at festivals like NXNE, Tallin Music Week, and London Pride, she has been featured in BBC, Soho Radio, Pulse 88, and more. A gender-bending artist with no signs of stopping, Tana is a revolutionary singer.

Written by, Lia Tsvetanova

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