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"take a number" Neeley | Review

Released on August 4th, “take a number” is a love song about learning to be alone and the feelings that accompany this stunning realization. With her stunning vocals and dynamic instrumentals, Neeley’s lyricism follows a gentle pattern of self love and realization, alluding to how former heartbreak and growing pains have shaped her current being.

With it’s undeniable femininity, Neeley finds power in being comfortable with herself and the journey that she has followed. With the weighing pressures of finding someone to fall in love with, Neeley walks through the struggles of dating apps and their unfulfillment and reflections of how feelings of falling behind in junior high mirror the present. This narrative leads her to an ultimate discovery that being with someone who compromises herself is as unfulfilling as being alone.

Similar to The Japanese House and Renee Rapp, this ballad has hints of pop infusion, creating a positive and uplifting tone to the chorus which beautifully compliments the delicacy of the storytelling in the verses. She uses repetition of “this is where I stand now | don't want you or anyone else” to further showcase her growth and affirmation. Her maturity and grace shine through this song, and the multiple layers leave much to be discovered and loved upon each listen.

Written by Allie Witek

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