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“Supply and Demand” - Preston C. Howell | Review

“Supply and Demand” by Preston C. Howell is a pop commercial song that embodies a message as beautiful as the tropical atmosphere it creates.

Preston’s silky-smooth tone really makes this song unique and captivating. The production and sweet guitar create a tropical vacation vibe that is equally uplifting. This dancy beat is akin to those of pop icons like Justin Timberlake and Shawn Mendes. Preston’s cheeky lyrics, “I need your love, you got love to give, baby that’s supply and demand” convey a warm, cheerful look at how everyone has love to give even during dark times.

“Supply and Demand” is the first single off the album “Leave on the Light,” a music movement dedicated to raising awareness for mental health and suicide prevention. The movement began with songwriter Bcruz, who’s own battle with mental illness has inspired him to bring more light and positivity into the world. The message holds even more weight during times of isolation due to COVID-19, reminding us all to be there for each other and leave on the light for our friends to reach out in times of need.

Preston is a 15 year-old singer from South Florida known for his smooth vocals and enthusiastic stage presence. He found recent success on Season 17 of “The Voice” under his chosen mentor, John Legend. His ambition continues to drive his musical projects as he is also a member of the nationally-renowned “Acapop! KIDS,” a group of elite youth singers that was created by Pentatonix creators Scott Hoying and Ben Bram. This has inspired Preston to record acapella covers of hit songs. Age truly is just a number for this up-and-coming artist as he partakes in project after project, using his voice to both bless us with his music and raise awareness for societal struggles.



Written by Annika Johnson, edited by Hannah Schneider

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