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"Superterrestrial Humanoid"- Kaatii | Review

As Pride Month comes to a close, we bring you “Superterrestrial Humanoid” by Kaatii- a song in honor of Pride Month about not fitting in like you would want to.

The fifteen year old artist, Kaatii, is based out of Texas. Kaatii is non-binary and wrote “Superterrestrial Humanoid” “from the vantage point of an alien dropped into suburbia trying to find their purpose, their place, their home” this vantage point is a reflection of the singer’s own feelings of growing up queer and feeling alienated.

“They’re looking at me so weird— they’re pulling out buttered popcorn to stare at their cell-phones, and I’m left wondering why I’m here” is my favorite line from “Superterrestrial Humanoid”. This line really stands out to me as a queer person because I have felt this feeling. I remember being fifteen and feeling like everyone was looking at me like I was weird and wondering why I was even here. This line really hits home for me and I love the way Kaatii portrays the imagery of feeling seen by others.

“Where I’m from thoughts can yell but here they can’t think for themselves” is another line that really stands out to me. I love this line a lot because in our own minds our thoughts are often screaming at us; but in the vantage point that is suburbia- all the thoughts seem the same sometimes and they can’t really think for themselves. I think this line says a lot about what Kaatii has gone through as a young queer person: having to figure out their own identity and accept it all while others might not be as accepting.

I love this song so much because it’s so relatable for me personally. Anyone who is a little different will find meaning in this song and be able to relate to it. Like I said, as someone who grew up queer, I can definitely find meaning in “Superterrestrial Humanoid”. This song is the perfect song to add to your Pride playlist and listen to year-round.

Review Done By Casper Barbour

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