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"Supernatural" - World’s First Cinema |Review

Reviving the epic tones of their debut EP “Rituals,” World’s First Cinema is back with bold and explosive sounds in their new release “Supernatural.”

The narrative opens a dark chapter taking listeners through a supernatural transformative journey with a perfect blend of diverse sounds. “Supernatural” fuses bedroom pop, electronic sounds and rock, not steering far from the band’s commitment to the “overtly cinematic tone.” Entering your headspace is the bass. Filling the room with a consistent beat, the bass guitar builds tension while introducing expressive orchestration and pop vocals to this alternative rock masterpiece. Building to the bridge, “Supernatural” brings readers through the transformation marching into an energy shift. Moving from the bass to a slower tempo, World’s First Cinema draws a cinematic image as the music explodes at the bridge.

"'Supernatural' is a nod to the cinematic roots where this project first began. We feel that we've grown so much since we released our debut EP and we feel our music is reflecting that. Our songs will always have a cinematic element but 'Supernatural' really revives the overtly epic tones of our first EP,” World’s First Cinema said. “We wanted this track to be a sign to our fans to always expect those sonics from us as we explore different styles in our writing."

The lyrics are dark and emotive whilst taking listeners through a supernatural transformation. Explaining every sensation of the journey, it is difficult to not picture each verse as a movie scene. The narrative almost pushes listeners to feel the same mental and physical changes World’s First Cinema expresses. Paying homage and taking inspiration from fantasy novels and dark theatrics of Panic! At The Disco and My Chemical Romance, the band writes narratives that linger in your mind from the intense experience of their music.

Fil Thorpe and John Sinclair are the artists of World’s First Cinema. The duo produces music that pushes boundaries avoiding the label of a “throwaway pop record.” Creating bold, cinematic music, each release is a musical adventure stepping out of any conventional characterization. The LA-based duo is constantly redefining genres while staying close to their rock roots. World’s First Cinema’s art is more than sound but a theatric experience keeping listeners on the edge with each release.

Written by YooJin Son

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