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SUPERMODEL- maxwell rose | Review

Need a song to dance to this summer? Look no further! Aspiring indie pop artist Maxwell Rose just released his new single SUPERMODEL on June 9th and it’s the perfect upbeat tune for your summer playlist! It’s catchy, it’s vibrant, and it’s full of energy.

The song’s introduction is filled with clapping and cheering, immediately filling you with anticipation and excitement. You’re transported into a world of glamor and liveliness, making you feel like you’re the supermodel Max is singing about. Shortly after comes the vocals, infused with layers of indie pop and even some slight hip hop and punk elements. The chorus explodes with the addition of hazy synths, creating a bubblier and more spirited atmosphere. It’s impossible to not tap your foot and break out into dance, as the song is powerfully alluring from start to finish. It’s filled with Max’s notable little musical quirks and emphasizes on the excitement of finding a new lover.

Maxwell Rose writes, records, and produces his music on his own from a little bedroom studio in New York City. He is inspired by mainly hip hop and indie pop, blending together multiple genres to create his unique sound.

We can expect to hear more fantastic music from Maxwell Rose very soon and can’t wait to see what he does next. Until then, keep streaming his music and check out SUPERMODEL if you haven’t already!

Written by Amrita Kumar

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