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"Sunshine & Sex" - Nikolai Berk | Review

We are getting a little bit sassy with our summer singles! Lo-fi artist Nikolai Berk brings listeners a chilled and sultry track titled "Sunshine & Sex".

This single gives me major Suburbamore vibes. The summer rap-pop style is perfect for these hot days. I feel like this track has something so inherently cheerful and content built into it. It balances the sensual and the charming in such a fun way that makes the song so endearing and ironically wholesome. I think this song is going to be in my playlist on repeat.

“Sunshine & Sex” came about by complete accident. I was working with my producer to create the saddest, darkest song off an upcoming project and what he first gave back to me was completely wrong for the song. It was bright, sunny, joyful, it more resembled Disneyland than the dismal despair I'd hoped for. But, I had to be in the studio the next night, so something had to get done. By some modern creative magic outside of myself, “Sunshine & Sex,” was made and a very happy accident it became.

Born and raised in LA, Nikolai Berk has been surrounded by the arts his entire life. The son of two artist parents, his mother a jewelry maker and his father a fashion designer; the desire to create has been ingrained in his blood. His need to always dive deeper into the heart and mind led him to study Psychology in college. When he finished school he dedicated himself to acting and writing in order to become a better storyteller and to go further into the human experience. He always had a passion for music but never having learned an instrument growing up prevented him from believing it was ever an option. In fact, he never sang in front of anyone until he was 20 years old. It wasn’t until he discovered that his voice was already his greatest asset and that he could adapt his writing for song that he realized he could have a place in music. The most important thing to him is creating something that people can connect and relate to and by doing so feel less alone in the world.

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