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"Sun Will Find You" - Gabrielle Current | Review

Flirty and melodic, "Sun WIll Find You" from Gabrielle Current is sure to enchant listeners.

23-year-old vocalist and songwriter Gabrielle Current constructs svelte, soul-infused songs that transport you into an ethereal dream. Here with the first release "Sun Will Find You" from her new upcoming project, Gabrielle caresses every listener with silky smooth vocals and a beautiful piano melody.

The light and airy "Sun Will Find You" is the first offering from Gabrielle's forthcoming debut project and it doesn't disappoint. Silky smooth vocals glide atop a stunning piano melody and R&B production. When digging deeper into the lyrics, it's Gabrielle's wide-eyed musings on the human experience that really strike a chord.

She explains the song is about "the pattern of feeling low and knowing that it's not going to last forever. The heavy moments are often filled with pessimism and it's easy to miss the surrounding beauty, but beauty is still there. Just like the sun. It's always there. It never leaves." Gabrielle guides you to the light in this sensational offering.

The Los Angeles born-and-bred Gabrielle grew up surrounded by the arts. Having spent much of her childhood and teen years modeling, Gabrielle was exposed to the creative industries at a formative age and spent her free time at a weekend performing arts school. It wasn't until after high school that Gabrielle discovered the magic of songwriting. Littered with metaphors and poetic structure, Gabrielle's authentic and raw lyricism is at once refreshing and relatable.

Delving deeper into the world of songwriting, Gabrielle was connected with notable producers including Kaskade, Cassian, and Felix Cartal. Through these collaborative projects, Gabrielle's voice has already reached the ears of millions and now she is ready to step out as an artist in her own right.

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