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“Sun In My Eyes” - Alta Falls | Review

Okay, this song makes me so excited to just load my things in my car and go for an adventure.

Alta Falls brings listeners their newest release “Sun In My Eyes”. The third single off of their upcoming debut EP, this indie-pop track makes for the perfect danceable road trip anthem. It feels like the kind of love that makes you throw all your cares out of the window and just “full send”. It’s a sonically stunning piece of music, but the lyrics tell a different story. They paint a sad, anti-love story, from the opening scene, where the protagonist has lost someone they love.

“Not just my lover, not somebody who slips your mind”, sings Alta Falls. “It’s burning a hole inside, it feels like the sun’s in my eyes”.

It is a song for a long-distance relationship. You have to put a lot in to make those relationships defy the odds of distance, time zones, and completely separate lives. The right person makes that space worth it even when it is hard, that person is not just like anyone else, that is what makes them so special. Unfortunately, as this song shares, that work and heartache does not always turn out how we would hope.

On the new single, Alta Falls says, “‘Sun In My Eyes’ is about a long distance relationship, where one of our mates had a girlfriend who left Brisbane to start a new job. They stayed together for a while, but eventually it ended when she left him for someone else. The song’s about how painful that experience was for him, and the feeling of losing your special someone forever.”

Recorded during the onset of COVID-19, the song began to have more of an “all-encompassing” feeling. As couples, friends, and families across the world found themselves separated from their loved ones, ‘Sun In My Eyes’ took on a whole new meaning.

The instrumentals totally contrast to the story told in the lyrics though. Patterned percussion laced in synths create this uplifting yet pulsating pop track.

Melodic hooks, soaring harmonies, and vintage 80’s synth and guitar vibes are the defining features of Alta Falls, a Brisbane-based indie alternative outfit formed during the onset of COVID-19.

After spending much of 2020’s lockdown together, Alta Falls’ members took a deep dive exploring the social and global landscapes brought to light by the pandemic. The outfit have crafted a collection of tracks alongside producer Aidan Hogg (Jaguar Jonze, Holy Holy), featuring Sebastian Jennings Hingston (Tia Gostelow) on drums, to make their mark on the subjects in the form of song.

Review by Hannah Schneider

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