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"Summer Something" - Josh Fudge | Review

Summer somethings pull us through sometimes. Especially given the state of the world these days, sometimes it can make a huge difference to feel like you have a person.

Fudge, yet again, perfectly captures the airy and easy-going nature of a "Summer Something". The third of four singles off of his upcoming debut album, this melancholy song has listeners reminiscent of summer love. This track is full of beautifully lush synths and harmonies. tight basslines, and quaint drums that make for an easy listening experience reminiscent of a more psychedelic Mac DeMarco. Written about the bittersweet reality that two lovers will have to split after summer's end, this track takes you on a journey sure to make you reminisce about losing love.

At just 18 years of age, this artist is making some waves. Hailing from Oklahoma City, this singer-songwriter has had his music land on major playlists such as Spotify’s Fresh Finds, Indie Shuffle, and GRUNGECAKE ever since he started releasing music on Spotify just last year. Before this, he began street performing as a way to buy more music equipment that he has now utilized to make great music. He plans to release his debut album in just a few months.

Review by Hannah Schneider

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