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Suki Waterhouse @ The Fonda 2/10 | Concert Review and Gallery

There was a different kind of energy at the Fonda Theatre on Friday night…some may say it was the pleasant LA winter weather, but as a crowded line trailed down Hollywood Blvd, you could tell it was something different. The Coolest Place in the World Tour had made it’s first Los Angeles stop be known with a sold out show. With this show being sold out months in advance, a 2nd show was added for the following day at the El Rey Theatre. But tonight, was all about the Fonda Theatre crowd, those of which had been in line for hours prior to the show.

The packed house thoroughly enjoyed the opening set by Blondshell, which was a perfect way to get the crowd into it. By the time their set was up, everyone was just itching to get a glimpse of Suki and were ready for a memorable experience…and of course, she did not disappoint. The stage curtain arose and after a few seconds, Suki emerged from stage left in a warm welcome from the crowd. As she walked up, her hit “Bullshit on the Internet” was already starting and she did not miss a beat into giving this sold out audience what they came for.

She continued to command the stage with more hits from her 2022 debut album “ I Can’t Let Go” including “Devil I Know” and “Moves”. Midway through her second song, she took off her blazer to reveal a stunning sparkled bodysuit radiated on stage. Everyone cheered and you could feel the energy building with each and every song.

Suki connected with her fans in between songs, mentioning how happy she was to be there, and given that most people had waited outside for more than an hour before the show, the sentiment was quickly reciprocated. In fact, there wasn’t any song that the crowd did not know...It felt like a carefully timed duet with her and the crowd. Songs including “Valentine” and “Neon Signs” from her most recent EP release “Milk Teeth” echoed through the Fonda’s balcony to everyones enjoyment. Affirming the tour’s namesake, “Coolest Place in the World,” there was an undeniable sentiment amongst the crowd that Los Angeles was in fact the place to be right now.

She capped off the night with a performance of “Good Looking” and as the crowd swayed back and forth it was such a perfect ending to an unforgettable night. This show brings a 22 city tour to an end; one that played to 11 sold out shows in just over 30 days. Just like everyone else, we are so excited to see what’s next for Suki. If this tour is any indication of whats to come, that means plenty of more sold out shows, and a stardom that is sure to reach new heights.

Review and Photography by VIncent Collyer

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