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"Stuck in my Head" - Amilli |Review

With a super catchy tune, Amilli has returned with EP ‘Love by Mistake’ and lead single “Stuck in my Head” on January 27, 2023.

The song starts relatively quickly, with the main melody and some ad libbing before the beat drops and we get a full taste of the song’s potential. Amilli’s voice is quite striking with her monotone singing, however her harmonies are really impactful. Her vocals contrast the song heavily, with her singing being more laid back and the actual instrumental being fast-paced, something that is actually a little difficult to do. It helps make an alt pop song like this one a little less overwhelming.

Since the track is more hyperpop, the drum beat pushes the song the entire time for about 2 minutes and surprisingly does not actually get that repetitive. By choosing to keep “Stuck in my Head” under 3 minutes, the entire song can get away with using the line ‘why are you still stuck in my head, that wasn’t part of the plan’ a few times in the chorus. The single also is very true to its name, and gets “stuck in your head” quite easily. I found myself humming away to the song for a few hours after my short listen.

The mononymous singer from Bochum, Germany had a relatively unexpected start to her career, with her music being discovered on Soundcloud in 2018 by her musical soulmate Leo. With how soulful her voice is, it is hard to believe this young singer is only 21. Amilli released music from 2018-2021, and after staying quiet for about a year, she is starting 2023 off with a bang. She released one single on January 13, 2023, “I know, I Know”, followed by “Stuck in my Head” as part of her EP almost 2 weeks later. The singer, although from Germany, usually sticks to singing in English, appealing to a more global audience. I would recommend this artist to those who are fans of Troye Sivan, Kali Uchis, and Charli XCX. I cannot wait to see what else 2023 holds for Amilli and her music.

Written by Ayesha Khahera

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