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"Storm" - Rumara | Review

With the explosive synthesizer and bassline, “Storm” by Rumara has everything needed for a modern electro-pop/indie-electric song that should ace the top charts.

I really liked this track especially the beginning. “Storm” starts almost as an R&B song would, but around 8 seconds in everything drops to an electric eclectic sound and melody.

Yes, I just wrote “electric eclectic.”

The overall sound and production is fantastic. Everything is clear and concise.

Late in the song, Rumara says; “is this a kingdom of your own or a paper-thin membrane to shut out the bright of the unknown.” I found this very interesting and insightful. With the overall themes of this track, I believe that this is a call to people who are afraid of taking risks. Rumara wants people to get out there and not to be afraid to do so, enriching your life to the fullest.

On Rumara’s sound cloud she states, “Cinematic electronic pop through a fractured lens.”...


Rumara formed in 2019 in London and consists of two members; Laura V (vocals) and Yujun Matsutoya (production). On Rumara’s website, they explain that Rumara “derives from the Portuguese word ‘Rumar’, meaning ‘to move towards’.”

If they keep creating great tracks like “Storm”, they’ll definitely be moving towards and farther up in the music game.

Written by Quincy Williamson

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