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“specifically u” - PARRIS MITCHELL | Review

“Specifically u” by Parris Mitchell is a must-have for any of your breakup playlists. The electropop song embodies that feeling of missing what you once had, but in a catchy, melodic gift wrap.

Right away, the artist’s vocal melody takes charge. The production, synths, and some echoes highlight his words. This is the kind of song you can belt out with your friends at night. Parris Mitchell further demonstrates his vocal control with lovely high notes in the chorus, that will inevitably get stuck in your head. He adds a touch of humor by singing, “sorry for this pity party, but you know what brought it on, specifically you.”

“This song is about wanting someone amongst no others. its purpose is a declaration of love and clarity. also, i want you to bop to it,” says Parris Mitchell. I say to that, mission accomplished.

Paris Mitchell has been on the music scene for six years, as the frontman of and writer for a rock band. During that time he has gone on tour, hit a million streams, and traveled the nation to perform. However, “specifically u” is his first solo pop song. Parris Mitchell explained, “Pop music has always been a passion of mine. To create, sing and write it. To collab on it. Anything in the spectrum of pop music I love to be a part of.”

Written by Annika Johnson, Edited by Hannah Schneider

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