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"Soothe" - ferdinant. | Review

Following the super successful release of his EP “Airplanes,” Dutch artist ferdinant. is serving us another gorgeous track in “Soothe.”

Along the wavelengths of artists like James Bay and Dermot Kennedy, ferdinant. lets us into his vibrant world with a slightly psychedelic, pop leaning beat under thoughtful lyrics that are brought to life through his rich, smooth vocals. He takes us on an emotional journey that has me reminiscing on my youth a la tire swings at the lake, running through a field of flowers with your best friend, or sunset bonfires at the beach. Written entirely by ferdinant. on an old acoustic guitar, brought to life by producing duo Kilian&Jo, and shot by Henk Otte on a 16mm, the cinematic video is nothing short of spectacular. I find his ability to stretch the moment he leaves the platform, complete two full rotations, and land in the water take the entirety of the video clever, and it gives us time to fully appreciate and feel the track in its melancholic and purest form.

"I initially wrote this about a friend I did wrong, and wanted to put into words the feeling it gave me, and the feeling we should be sharing instead of what happened. Friendship is gold, you have to be careful, but things do go wrong. And then the only right thing to do for me is to own up to it and go and fucking fix it. I did by the way if you’re wondering, thick as thieves, and that just means the world to me."

It is safe to say ferdinant. is an artist I will be keeping my eye on for quite some time.

Written by Sydne Broady

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