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"Sooner or Later" - J A N E | Review

Get ready to fall in love with indie surf rock band J A N E.

Sooner or Later is a chilled out surf rock tune that makes you feel nostalgic for simpler times. The groovey tone of the track creates a dreamy atmosphere of catchy synths and twangy guitar, not to mention vocals soaked with with reverb. I love that you can feel the ease and authenticity of the band in this track. It brings a message of hope and with that a sense of starting fresh and something new.

JANE is a new indie-rock band centred around the songs of Manchester based songwriter Paul Hodson. The group features members of Manchester band’s The Travelling Band and South Island Son: Dan Wiebe on Drums, Sam Quinn on Bass, Tom Rothery on Guitar and Jo Dudderidge on Keys and Backing Vocals. The band’s influences include: The Shins, Spoon, Phoenix, Haim, Real Estate, War on Drugs, The Strokes, Beach House, Dr Dog and Tears for Fears.

After playing in bands since he was 16, Paul Hodson had all but given up on music, now making a living as a picture framer in South Manchester. A chance encounter with Dudderidge led to a long night in Manchester’s famous dive bar 'The Temple' and ultimately to their initially studio-based collaboration. “I was feeling pretty deflated after the break up of Wild Birds (Hodson’s previous band). Around that time I ran into Jo at a Teenage Fanclub gig. I told him about all the home demos I’d recorded, and how frustrating I’d found it bringing them to fruition, and how I’d basically decided to give up music. Jo told me about his place Pinhole Sound Studio and some ace musicians he knew. He pleaded with me not to give up. I’m glad I didn’t. I wrote Sooner or Later way before we started recording, but I guess it’s message is a nice metaphor for the journey. Born of frustration, but ending up in a much more positive place.”

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