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“Somebody New” - Pat DiMeo | Review

‘Somebody New’ is an electro-pop song about trying to move on but always thinking back to your last relationship.

The track by DiMeo captures a chill mood and incorporates an anti-drop sensation to really build up the tension with the lyrics in the chorus. I love the very simple production building to the chorus and how so much of the focus is on the lyrics and storytelling. Vocally, DiMeo has an airy tone in his voice which truly makes this a fun pop bop much like tracks from artists like Leland and Ieuan. DiMeo is able to paint a picture of this relationship or past relationship and the bittersweet reality of slowly getting over someone.

Pat DiMeo is an established touring and recording artist, who has played in a host of bands over the years, composing his own songs from the age of 14. A drummer first, he learned to play guitar as well and looked to vocalists such as Bruce Springsteen, Phil Collins & Peter Gabriel.

He has seen a wide response with pseudonym The Motion Epic having his music released on various platforms including vinyl and cassette on various labels from around the world.

With the help of his lifelong friend Dre, they are both determined to reach an even wider audience with this solo endeavor.

Review by Hannah Schneider

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